Transport Workers Union Local 200
2004 News Archive
Transport Workers Union Local 200
San Francisco, CA 94115

Contract Re-Opener & 7 1/2 Retirement Pick-up  
The City and MTA initiated a contract re-opener to extend the 7
1/2 per cent retirement beyond June 30, 2004.  Local 200
entered into arbitration on the 7 1/2 per cent retirement pick up
on Wednesday May 12, 2004.  Both Local 200 and
representatives of the City presented their final arguments to the
arbitrator on Friday, May 21, 2004.   

On June 2, 2004, the arbitrator ruled in favor of Local 200 MTA
employees; however, the arbitrator ruled against Local 200 City
(non-MTA) employees.

Effective July 1, 2004, for MTA employees, MTA will pay the 7.5%
employee retirement contribution.  The additional five floating
holidays (4 + Birthday) are no longer in effect.

City (non-MTA) employees will continue to pay the 7.5%
employee retirement contribution.  They also continue to receive
the five additional floating holidays.  The City will make an
additional payment to employees after June 30, 2005 that
reflects 2% of qualifying premiums and overtime earned in

For both groups, the contract expires on June 30, 2005.

Text of the June 2, 2004 Arbitrator's Award.
What's the policy of other California Transit Agencies on
employee retirement contributions?  

Ten Largest Transit Agencies in California

Retirement Pick-Up Policy
YES on PROP 72 Coalition website

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Health Care
National Day
of Action

In November Vote YES on Prop 72 to save Health Care

Senate Bill 2 Will Extend Health Insurance to More Than One Million California Workers, but only if a
Business-backed Prop 72
is defeated this November.
"Health Law Faces Big Guns"
David Lazarus
SF Chronicle, June 2, 2004
Harvey Rose Report
Board of Supervisors
Budget Committee
Hearings on the MTA
No recommendation on
Budget Analyst
MTA Accountability
Supervisor Sandoval
Charter Amendment for
MTA Reform
Tuesday, July 20th
2 p.m. Chambers
Motion to Reject the MTA Budget
Update on
Supervisor Chris Daly's &
SF Labor Council
Resolutions to Reject the
MTA Budget
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Muni Service Goals Remain a Fiction
SF Grand Jury
"On-Time Performance &
Service Goals Remain a
Fiction: Muni's
Mismanagement and
Worker Problems
Blistering Report Issued July 2nd
SF Chronicle 7/3/04
Grand Jury Rips Muni
Layoffs & Service Cuts.  

On Tuesday, June 15, 2004 the MTA Board of Directors voted to give the Executive Director Michael Burns the
authority to make "technical adjustments": What service to cut & who to layoff.  Directors Breyer-Black and McCray
opposed the resolution.  Directors Kasolas, Mezey, Din, and Chair Vaughns voted for the resolution.  

But on Wednesday, June 16, 2004, at the Board of Supervisors Budget Committee, Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval
asked the hard questions on the MTA budget.  And Supervisor Chris Daly read a motion for the Board of Supervisors
to reject the MTA Budget.  Supervisor Sandoval's Charter Amendment will be heard before the Board of Supervisors
Rules Committee in Room 263 on Thursday, July 1, 2004 at 11 am.   Supervisor Daly's motion to reject the MTA budget
is Item 86 at the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors starting at 2 pm on Tuesday, June 29, 2004.

SF Municipal Railway Website

June 14, 2004 Labor Council Resolution

Motion by Supervisor Chris Daly to Reject the MTA Budget

MTA Accountability Charter Amendment
by Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval

Seventeen Targeted Layoffs

SF Examiner 6/17/04: "Supes Vow Muni Scrutiny"

A "Make-Believe" Board Meeting?

Service Cuts

Seven Million Dollar Questions

Meeting Flyer for June 1st

6/1/2004: MTA Board  Meeting:  Was It Just "Make-Believe"?

Intellipress 5/28/2004: Is Muni Really Going to Implement the "Service Adjustments" They've Been Threatening?

Intellipress 5/7/2004: Muni Service "Adjustments"

Intellipress 4/19/2004: Muni Hearing on Service Cuts
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