Transport Workers Union Local 200
Transport Workers Union Local 200
San Francisco, CA 94115
TWU Local 200

Local 200 represents supervisory, managerial and
professional employees of the City and County of San

Local 200 members work in a variety of jobs
serving the people of San Francisco.
San Francisco Municipal Railway
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
San Francisco City Attorney's Office
San Francisco Office of Citizen Complaints
San Francisco Public Library
CCSF & Transit
Career Ladder

Transit Career Ladder
Office Location

1426 Fillmore Suite 223
San Francisco CA 94115

Phone (415) 922-9428
Fax 674-1323
Membership Meeting

6 p.m., Wednesday,
August 24, 2005

Installation of New Recording Secretary, Ammiano Charter Amendment, New Business
Local 200 Picnic
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SF Board of Supervisors
Budget Analyst Report
on the FY 2005-2006
MTA Proposed Budget:

63 MTA Managers to be
reclassified into pay grades
paying on average 4.5 % more.

$450,000 to fund a new
$94,260 per year
classification: MTA Division
Safety Officers.

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August 2005 Special
On Saturday, May 7th, Local 200 and the MTA entered into interest arbitration
proceedings on the Local 200 collective bargaining agreement with the MTA.   Monday,
May 16th was the last day of mediation.  Disputed issues include "Management Right of
Assignment", wages and retirement pick-up.  The MTA "Right of Assignment" proposal
would modify the seniority bid for Schedules, Central Control, Training and Division
Dispatching.  The Arbitrator will issue a decision at the end of May on these issues.

click for 5/27 decision by Arbitrator Ronald Hoh
On Friday, May 13th, Local 200 reached an agreement with the City of San Francisco
covering all non-MTA employees represented by Local 200.

Tentative Agreement 2005-2007 Red Line CBA
Special Membership
Drop-In Meeting

August 2, 2005

1:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

An Opportunity for All
Members to Discuss
Contract Ratification
Issues with the
President & Other
Elected Officers
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