Transport Workers Union Local 200
Third Street Status Report
Transport Workers Union Local 200
San Francisco, CA 94115

Third Street Light Rail
Start-Up Now Scheduled
for June 2006

Fourth Street Bridge in LIquidated Damages of
$25,000 per day

Construction activities are currently ongoing
throughout the entire Third Street Corridor. As of
January 31, 2005 the project has spent approximately
63% of the total budget, including soft costs. With
construction 58% complete, various contracts are
approaching completion. All contracts are currently
within budget and most of them are scheduled to
complete in time to support the opening to revenue

MUNI is now tentatively projecting revenue service in
June 2006, due to issues with Segment A. Segment A,
the 4th Street Bridge, has been plagued with delays
caused by unforeseen site conditions, quality control
problems, and the contractor's inability to prosecute
the work efficiently. DPW, which is managing the
contract, proposed a global agreement to the
contractor in an effort to mitigate the issues and
deliver the site to MUNI in time for testing and startup.
Unfortunately, the negotiations have broken down
and, as a result, DPW began assessing liquidated
damages at the rate of $25,000 per day starting on April
1 in accordance with the contract.

On March 3, MUNI re-advertised for bids the Metro East
Maintenance facility (MME) and bids are expected by

Efforts continue to address environmental concerns
along Third Street, and MUNI continues to publish its
air monitoring results.   During February 2005, 80% of
the tests were below the action threshold.

Completion of the rail line is now scheduled for late
2005, followed by six months of operational and
simulated revenue testing leading to the start of
revenue service in June 2006.

The Metro East Facility is expected to be ready for
move-in in April ‘08.   

Source: San Francisco County Transportation
Authority Status Report on the Third Street Light Rail
Project, April 5, 2005.

click here for a pdf version of the entire 4/5/05 SFCTA report
to the Plans and Programs Committee
Muwekma Ohlone

On January 12, 2005
Francisco DeCosta
reported in the San
Francisco BayView
on the Muwekma
Ohlone Park and
Did the MTA waste
$30 million of
taxpayer money and
jeopardize the
transmission lines to
the Third Street Light
Rail Line?  

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