Transport Workers Union Local 200
News Update as of 6/16/2005
Transport Workers Union Local 200
San Francisco, CA 94115

May 12, 2005: "Ammiano & McGoldrick side with
Elsbernd on Muni Fares"

May 16, 2005: "Transit Riders Have Spoken: It's Time
for the Board of Supervisors to Listen" Beyond Chron

May 2005: "We Can't Pay, We Won't Pay" Common

March 7, 2005: "Muni Fare Hike: To the Ballot"
Beyond Chron

February 2, 2005: "MTA Hears from Muni, Protesters"   
SF Examiner
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2004 News Archive

Know your history!

Many of the service cuts
proposed for 2005-2006
were first proposed in

Read about Local 200
and some of the events of

MTA FY2006 Proposed Budget 2/28/2005

2/28/2005 MTA Resolution

2/28/2005 MTA Long-Term Revenue Proposals

Board of Supervisors Budget Analyst Report

Board of Supervisors Budget Analyst Summary

Budget Analyst Full Report
SF Muni On-Time Performance:

SF Muni FY 2005: 2nd Quarter Report

and some comparisons:

MTC 2004 Report "Transit On-Time Performance"

New York City Transit Performance Standard Indicators
SF Muni: A Good Value in Bay Area Transit

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March 2005 Local 200 Newsletter
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Third Street Light Rail
Start-Up Delayed to June 2006

Fourth Street Bridge in LIquidated Damages of $25,000
per day starting April 1, 2005

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