Retirement Luncheon for SFMTA Superintendents

A luncheon was held to honor 4 retiring SFMTA superintendents on June 24, 2010 at the Pete’s Tavern at King Street in San Francisco, California and it is described in essays more vividly  The retirees were Kathy Forrester from Street Operations, Madeline Harris from Flynn Division, George Louie from Potrero Division and Robert Louie from Woods Division.  David Hill,  Director of Transit for SFMTA led the program by giving them certificates from Mayor Gavin Newsom and plaques from SFMTA.  The retirement luncheon was organized by Mary Travis Allen, Senior Operations Manager and Ayn Antonio, Superintendent from Kirkland Division.  The event was attended by about 90 families and friends from the SFMTA.

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9139 Transit Supervisor Eligible List

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Seniority List

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We are beginning to enter into a contract with the MTA and CCSF. We are requesting member participation in addressing issues in the contract. Don't forget to send comments via email to

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Jackets for Sale!

Members who would like to purchase TWU Local 200 jackets are welcome to put in your orders at the union office.

Please indicate your name and size. You can also order by calling the office and leaving your message.

The cost of the jacket is $200.00. Sizes range from


TWU Local 200 Officers

Reginald McCray - President
Joseph Abad- Executive Vice President
Andre Andrews, Sr. - 1st Vice President
Cynthia Thomas - 2nd Vice President
Dennis Maxxon- 3rd Vice President
Paul Lee - Secretary/Treasurer
Elizabeth R. Valdellon - Recording Secretary
Marshell McGehee - Member at Large



Shop Stewards Training

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July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010


JULY 1, 2006 – JUNE 30, 2010

American Income Life

A True Friend of Labor

TWU Local 200 would like to introduce its members to American Income Life Insurance Company (AIL). Established and growing since 1951, its dedication to working people has made it the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the United States.  It has earned the respect of Unions nationwide because it is a 100% wall-to-wall Union Label insurance company.

A letter will be sent out this month to all members of Local 200 informing them of our Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage provided to our members at ‘No Cost’ by AIL. Included with this letter will be an enrollment card and we ask that each member and retiree fill out and mail back the postage-paid card within ten days in order to receive the “No Cost” benefits.

NOTE:  These supplemental benefits do not conflict with or replace any benefits currently provided by Local 200, but are offered in addition to them. 

The AD&D coverage is automatic for all members and retirees, however, you must return the yellow enrollment card to receive your AD&D Policy and designate your beneficiary, as well as, receive information about other programs and services.

      Here are some of the many reasons why AIL is the Insurance Company of choice for Unions:

1. It supports the union movement both in deeds and words.  AIL contributed $100,000 to help defeat Proposition 226 in California.

2. Premiums are waived for members holding AIL policies while the insured member is on an authorized strike.  Those members never have to pay those premiums back.  AIL is the only insurance company with strike waiver.

3. AIL maintains a food bank for union families in need.

4. AIL representatives are active in union activities.  They promote a “Be Union – Buy Union” philosophy and have been cited as an all-Union Company by the AFL-CIO Union Label and Service Trades Department.

5. AIL is very active in voter registration drives with Local Unions.

6. AIL supports pro-labor candidates and legislation.

7. AIL provides scholarships, strike relief and supports many worthwhile pro-union community causes.


American Income Life looks forward to working with the membership of Local 200 while giving them a union choice for their insurance needs. For any additional information please contact Mark Gagliardi, our representative at American Income Life, at (925) 698-0719. Do not call the Union office.





All TWU LOCAL 200 Members


Ratification Vote on TA

 YES - 71

NO - 78

Jacalyn Pitcher
Election Coordinator
June 21, 2010

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TWU Local 200 - SFMTA
Service Critical TA Updates

          Local 200 has been in Concessionary Bargaining since March. We opted to negotiate with the Public Employees Committee (PEC) along with all the other Unions. The few Union that opted out and went to arbitration got less then what the PEC got for its member Unions.  The whole PEC concept, Union's bargaining to save jobs and City service for the most needy, has worked well.  It would have cost Local 200 tens of thousands to get what the PEC did for us.

          We have attached the PEC agreement and  side tentative agreement.  The PEC agreed to a 4.5% pay cut this year and for this we have been given twelve extra floating holiday, in addition to the five floating that we have always had, to be give out three at a time in July, October, January and April. In the second year we will take a 5% cut and given the twelve extra floaters, this amount can be lowered if the economy picks up (revenues increase) and there are triggers for this. Note at the end of the two year we go back to our original pay scales. If any one was to retire before July 1, 2013, this agreement will refund you your lost pay to bring you back to the original pay scale

          The agreement also gives us protection from the MTA in trying to re-organize your jobs to possible part time and for possible layoff in the future. The PEC also calls for meeting quarterly with the MTA to go over jobs and to check the finance of MTA.  Other committee's are being formed by the PEC to check on Personal Service Contract (PSC) that management likes to do in out sourcing the works.  The PEC also calls for checking on the use of Prop F workers.  This agreement does not call for a re-opener even if the budget next year is worse than this year.

          In the side agreement we are adding the PERB agreement of November 2, 2009, part of which  says no one would be disciplined before the end of a step two hearing.  We have also got agreement for release time for the board to handle the many grievance and meeting with the MTA.  This release time will now be give only by the Labor Relations employee's who are outside of this Collective Bargaining Unit.

          The PEC agreement is not what any one wanted, but in this poor economic time it is a necessity. On page 38 of the Mayors Budget it shows wages are down 5% and fringe benefits are up 5% for the General Fund employees.  On page 316 of the Mayors Budget for the MTA it shows wages down 1% but your fringe benefits are up 9%. We all have to step up to save jobs and to protect our benefits for our unit and every other unit in the City.  Your Board recommends that you vote for this agreement.  

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Comprehensive Agreement Between
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) and PEC (Service Critical Units):
SFMTA Counter Proposal

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Contract Negotiations:

          On Friday, April 30, 2010 the CCSF side of TWU Local 200 ratified  their Tentative Agreement on a 2 year contract.  Attached are the 2 tentative agreements which pertains to Classification 8126 (click_here) and the Comprehensive Agreement Between the City and PEC: Tentative Agreement (click_here), which have been agreed by both parties and ratified by the members.

          The Public Employees Committee (PEC) is the big table consist of all unions that have contracts with SFMTA like Local 21, SEIU, MEA, TWU 250A, TWU 200.  From the city side, it was found out that negotiating together with the other unions at the big tables gives us more leverage to negotiate.

On the SFMTA side, the Public Employees Committee (PEC) is still meeting to conclude everything on the big table so the small tables can address the rest of the issues in their locals.  The PEC/SFMTA will be closely similar to the CCSF/TWU Local 200 Tentative Agreement with the PEC which was ratified.

          In addition, we are also negotiating to insert the Public Employees Relations Board (PERB) Notes and the PERB Settlement (click_here) that was agreed with the city last year into our contract. 

Update on GSU:

Due to the need to complete contract negotiations, the GSU has been delayed until after the negotiations.

On Friday, April 30, 2010, a meeting was held with Mr. John Haley, where Union and management mutually agreed to re-sign.  We are now  setting up a meet and confer to resolve the inequities that were found on the original GSU.

Update on Financials:

          In the past year, the Executive Board has resolved the issues and filings that were not done since 2005 due to lack of proper accounting.  Most of the $20,000.00 fines is due to failing to file 990s since 2005 has been refunded.

100 Days:

          The Union will address management’s excessive use of 100 days.  Management continues to refuse to address the eligibility list thus violating the 100 days rules.


If you want to comment on any issues regarding your work or content of the website, please email us. The issues will be addressed at the weekly grievance committee meeting.


Congratulations to the new 9150s

Happy Memorial Day



Results of 9139 (Transit Supervisors) & 8121 (Transit Fare Inspector Supervisors)

TWU Local 200

Local 200 represents supervisory, managerial and
professional employees of the City and County of San

Local 200 members work in a variety of jobs
serving the people of San Francisco.

»San Francisco Municipal Railway
»San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
»San Francisco City Attorney's Office
»San Francisco Office of Citizen Complaints
»San Francisco Public Library


President’s Message

          Contract Negotiations Updates from the President:

The Executive Board of TWU Local 200 decided unanimously to be part of the San Francisco Labor Council and its Public Employee Coalition (PEC) to secure a better contract.  We firmly believe that we will get a better result with working with the coalition of Unions.  The formulation of the PEC was a decision that will save the members of this union the expense of hiring experts like accountants and attorneys.

As you know Mayor Gavin Newsom came forward with his plan that would save the City 100 million by imposing a 37.5 work week and changing the Civil Service classification of all workers.

The PEC began negotiating on behalf of its member Unions with the City and County of San Francisco and the results have been favorable and were ratified by all the Unions in the coalition.  The impact, if the 37.5 was implemented would have cost each employee a 6.25% permanent wage cut but instead we opted for the temporary 4.62%.  One other issue on the table was the City wanted every one to also pay the 2% toward the retirement health care.  The City then wanted every one to take a 6.25% pay cut through furloughs that would have been 16 days.  This was then negotiated down through the PEC to 12 days this year and up to another 12 days next year pending on how big the deficit is.  This two year contract does not allow any re-openers except to lower the furlough days for the second year.  Also this contract would not allow any reorganizations as the City had threatened this year. In two years our furlough days, which are being converted to floating holidays that we can carry over until 2015, will end and our salary will be reinstated.

The SFMTA has agreed to negotiate with the PEC and we are still negotiating with terms similar to what was agreed to with the City.  We have until about June 15 to resolve all issues with the MTA on our contract. When the PEC has come to agreement with the MTA we will then conclude all our non economical changes to the contract, which has not been updated or strengthened to protect our members in over nine years. We anticipate having a special membership meeting before June 15, 2010 to discus all the Tentative Agreements (TA) with the SFMTA.

General Sign-up

As per the last General Membership meeting in April 28, it was voted to accept the present sign up with its irregularities and violations of seniority. Several managers were at the meeting and we requested that they not vote on this issue since they do not sign up, but they felt that they should vote anyway.  It was explained to all at this meeting that there were outstanding grievances to the sign-up that are being addressed with Mr. Haley. If the grievances are up held, which we think they will be, there will be a new sign-up.

We thank you for your patience in waiting and I do apologize that the updates have not come sooner due to the workload of the negotiations of both contracts.   If any member has a question please contact myself or one of the officers or you can e-mail us, the link is below.

                            Fraternally yours,

                            Reggie McCray

Executive Vice Presidents' Corner

           Contract negotiation's are beginning. The City is faced with a projected 522 million shortfall, MUNI has a 102 million shortfall and the SFUSD has a 113 million shortfall, for a total of $737 for FY2011. Needless to say we will have our work cut out for us this year.

           We have made available the Met Life form here. Each member is insured for $10,000 in a group policy with Local 200, but you need to fill out the Met Life form. If you have not do so or wish to update your beneficiary you can fill out the form and return it at the next membership meeting.


           Joe Abad


Schedule of Membership Meetings for 2010

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February 24, 2010

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